Corporate Support


How your company can support us

ALA, the voice of America's libraries, receives funding from a number of corporations for projects and programs ranging from literacy and advocacy initiatives to projects that target specific audiences such as children and teens to sponsorship at the ƵAnnual Conference or ƵMidwinter Meeting, as well as investment opportunities to name scholarships and awards. The value of these initiatives to our members and to the public is significant to our mission. Through our corporate partner’s generous contributions, Ƶis enabled to undertake projects that help it to advance its mission to provide leadership for the development, promotion and improvement of library and information services and the profession of librarianship in order to enhance learning and ensure access to information for all.

Each year, hundreds of companies partner with ALA. These companies find that supporting Ƶoffers a two-fold benefit to them. By supporting Ƶand our initiatives, a corporation enables Ƶto provide critical resources to libraries and librarians across the nation. For the corporation, their support lays a foundation for a meaningful partnership that impacts their customers, employees, friends, neighbors, and families.

We can offer your company several opportunities:

  • Enhance your company's profile through a partnership with the nation's oldest and largest library association, supported by number of internationally known celebrities and high profile spokespersons.
  • Ƶhas a dedicated media relations team which works with our corporate partners to maximize the PR benefits of their partnership.

Headquartered in Chicago, with additional offices in Washington D.C. and Connecticut, Ƶhas 8 divisions representing various types of libraries and library specialties, and 13 different offices that address specific issues and areas of interest. In order to meet the needs of our members and the public, the Ƶ is eager to establish strategic partnerships with corporations and create mutually beneficial relationships.

How Companies and Ƶcan work together

Cause Related Marketing

Your company may be able to increase its sales by designating a certain percent or amount of money from your products to ALA.

Customer Fundraising

Companies can help raise money for Ƶby giving customers the opportunity to donate. This can reap huge dividends in terms of building customer loyalty and brand equity for your company.


Many companies or their charitable foundations choose to make a straightforward corporate donation. Ƶworks closely with our partners to decide where the money goes and to publicize the donation to our members and the public.

Matching Gifts

Ƶis grateful to companies that provide financial support through employee gift matching programs. These programs not only increase the financial benefits to the Association, but also generate corporate support that mirrors the interest and commitment of employees.

Payroll Giving

Your employees can help Ƶby giving a small regular amount from their salaries. These regular amounts are invaluable as they allow us to plan our services better and therefore invest in long term projects. If your company has a Payroll Giving scheme already we would love the opportunity to promote our charity to your employees. If your company doesn’t have a Payroll Giving scheme then we can help you set one up.


Corporate support for library students is highly valued. Multi-year pledges or endowed gifts provide assistance for graduate and Ph.D. students. Named scholarships reflect a corporation’s interest in nurturing a well-educated work force and create links between corporate donors and student recipients.

Sponsorship and Programmatic Support

Sponsorship and programmatic support helps heightened corporate image, brand awareness and the potential for increased business, while demonstrating social responsibility and community involvement.

For more information about ALA's Corporate Partnerships Program, please contact the ƵDevelopment Office at or telephone at 312.280.3259.