Planned Giving

With your planned gift, Ƶcan help foster opportunities to learn, grow, adapt, enjoy, exercise our freedoms, and enhance our quality of life—and protect those same opportunities of generations that follow.

With a planned gift, you can:


  • Support ALA's planning for the future and pursuing excellence for future generations.
  • Champion the development of programs and activities for all types of libraries.
  • Enhance the work of the Association overall, or support your favorite division, round table, or program.
  • Uphold advocacy efforts for libraries and increase awareness for the value and services they provide.
  • Create or support awards and scholarships that promote and advance the librarian profession.
  • Make a larger charitable gift than you though possible while taking care of the financial needs of your family.
  • Leave a lasting legacy to the librarian profession without giving up assets now.

Why support the American Library Asssociation?


The Ƶ exists to support all libraries and librarians so that every one of us has access to the information we need.

The Ƶ is the oldest, largest and most influential library association in the world. The Association represents all types of libraries—public, school, academic and special—and our mission is to promote the highest quality librarian, information systems, and public access to information.

Planned gifts can be made to the Association or any of our divisions, round tables, programs or scholarships. All planned gifts are deeply personal commitments that help the Association continue to thrive and support the next generation of librarians.

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Make Your Planned Gift


It's easy to make a planned gift. Ƶhas teamed with FreeWill, allowing you to create a legally valid will, at no cost to you. You can use FreeWill to support the people and causes you care about most, even after you are gone.

The ƵDevelopment Office staff can also work with you on creating a gift that helps meet your needs and the needs of your family, as well as support the Association, a division, round table or program in that way that is meaningful. We offer a number of resources for download on this website.


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