Membership Initiative Groups

A Membership Initiative Group (MIG) is formed when a group of Ƶmembers identifies a common concern or interest about librarianship which falls outside the delegated responsibility of a single division, roundtable, or unit, and wishes to establish a short-term mechanism to address this concern or interest. To establish a MIG, which must be approved by COO and reported to Council, a group must submit to the Committee on Organization a statement of purpose, at least one hundred signatures of Ƶmembers in good standing, and the names and addresses of designated organizers. (ƵPolicy 6.12). Contact Danielle Alderson,, Member Programs and Services, ƵHeadquarters.


A Membership Initiative Group (MIG) is an informal, renewable, and typically short-term vehicle that provides like-minded members with the opportunity to organize activities and communicate about topical issues of mutual interest. While possibly overlapping with other Ƶunits for brief times, a MIG may not assume any other unit’s delegated responsibilities, nor may a MIG speak for the Association. See .

For additional information, contact Marsha P. Burgess, Staff Liaison to the Committee on Organization.